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Cerise Blanche is a catering company with vast culinary and organisational experience, transferred into
every prepared dish and party. We operate in Dorset and towns nearby. Our team consists of Professional Chefs, Waiters and Managers who love their work.
We have an individual approach to every client, and put our heart into every aspect of our work. We have learned how challenging the art of fantastic customer service can be and we know your expectations. That’s why we demand twice as much from all of the team, and we transfer this knowledge into every dish we prepare for you and your experience with us.
While preparing the offer of our services, we are happy to help and advise you. We have our own set of menus, but we are open to your individual wishes and suggestions.
Thanks to our relationship with local suppliers in the Dorset area, we prepare all of our dishes with the
highest quality products, whilst at the same time, having great satisfaction and pride to be supporting the local English market and businesses.
Private Chef
How it work?
Chef does the
Prepares meals in
your kitchen
Serves dishes/meal
to your guests
At the end he leaves
your kitchen clean

We make it possible for you to hire a qualified private chef for a party at your own home.

Whether it is a family dinner, birthday party, baptism, Holy Communion or you just want to organize something a bit different when gathering with friends or Family at home or in the garden…

Wouldn’t it be great to sit in your home, at one table with your guests? We are there, for you!

Oh! There is more

What about hiring a private chef for a Hen or Stag party? Creating something original and fun.

Surprise your future lucky husband or wife with new culinary skills. We can even teach you what to do, how to do it, and some basic skills. 😉


Cerise Blanche is an artistic artisancraft workshop that practices modern confectionery, entrement cakes and individual desserts – “petit gateau”, various types of chocolate products, modular cakes and pies.

Thinking about creating Cerise Blanche brand, I wanted to make sure that I could fulfil minor culinary fantasies. Making the significant moments in your life associated with the extraordinary taste that we produce especially for this type of occasion. Professionalism, passion and innovation are the features that describe our work. The heart of our products will come from top lines: fresh fruit, real butter, cream from local suppliers.

Choose menu:
We have a wide range of services, starting from private events with just our culinary services all the way to an organised integration event for companies by enriching the special day with artistic attractions.

We offer wide range of corporate integration events

We provide creative projects, which will be taken care by group of professionals.

With every event, whether it be corporate or private, we will always provide an individual approach to your needs.

With your vision we will prepare your party setting and the theme of the event, creating an experience that will be remembered by you and your guests for years to come.

What we specialise in
Organisation and service of occasional parties such as birthdays, family gatherings, baby showers, christenings, Holy Communions etc.
Service for outdoor events such as BBQ’s and Garden Parties.
Organisation of private and business meetings and events
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